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Hey guys so this is going to be a different post for eden fantasys (for you love birds out there that want to spice up your love life) they sale a variety of things such as sex toys, lubricants, lingerie, beauty and body items and books! So this is just like your one stop shop for all of your spicy love needs
-so I was sent the rechargeable body wand by doc Johnson (haha get it doc Johnson….Johnson) yea yea but any ways this is like the vibrator of the future haha because you can plug it into the wall! Crazy huh. It has high low speeds and it even has this button on the side were if you press it, it pulsates. This is the coolest massager I have ever met! It’s also hypo allergenic and latex free! It retails for 74.99
Find it here
- next is the Shunga Erotic Art massage candle now this is something that I couldn’t wait to try because I have read about a lot of different massage candles and I couldn’t believe that you could have a candle that’s made out of oil that you can rub all over your body, because I love body oils! And it has a sexy vanilla scent So this leads me to my next item
Oh yea and this candle only retails for 15.99
Find it here
-Body dew pheromone silky body oil….it promises to moisturize and replenish thirsty skin, restore skins natural suppleness, and it is also infused with pheromone. So the first thing that really attracted me to this was this pheromone because I think that these are so magical (magical in the way of making someone else attracted to something or someone) like I mentioned before i really love body oils because oils seem to work a lot more better on my skin than lotions. This retails for only 8.99 you can find it here
so I’m extremely pleased with the products that I received!
Check out there website
And you guys can also receive a 25% discount by using this code SEXYTHANKS
hope you all enjoyed this unboxing

Hey gals and girls! Today’s post will be a review on an awesome detangling tool by knot genie. This product works well on wet or dry hair, curly hair and extensions!
My thoughts on this product is that it works well on semi tangled hair such as my little sisters she’s mixed so she ended up with very curly hair and the knot genie just glides right through. Lol it actually cut the time in half that it takes me to do her hair and get it all combed out.
So here are my pros and cons
Pros: -The hair genie helps me cut some time out of combing out my sisters whole head -It works great on her curly knotty hair -It’s affordable Retails for 19.99 Cons: -I wouldn’t really recommend this to someone with really thick and tangled hair Website: So if you all loves this review and would love to try this product out for yourself then all you have to do is comment on this post (not international) and follow my on twitter Ends 11/30/12 Good luck! FTC: yes I did receive this item for free but that doesn’t in no way affect my thoughts and review of the product(s)

Hello beauties!
So I am a part of dermstores beauty review panel and I just receive the latest test products and one of which is why I took this picture for you guys, so that you could see how beautifully packaged it came. It’s from dermaflage which is an topical dermal filler (which means no injections or surgeries!) this is a silicone based kind of concealer and its suppose to cove those scars from accidents to acne scarring
FTC: yes I was sent this item in to test and try out, I was not obligated to blog about it. And no I wasn’t paid to post this:)

What's new at influenster?!

So hey guys! And gals!
I’m here to do a review on the new and improved For those that don’t know what influenster is it is a sampling program completely free, unlike those monthly subscription boxes. With this program you will take surveys to unlock badges based on your lifestyle or hobbies and all they ask in return is that you do what you love in order to receive the new voxbox as in blogging, vlogging,tweeting Facebook and etc to get the word out!

*so I know some of you are wondering what the heck is a voxbox? Well it is what you blogged so hard to get, the treasure of all treasure! Haha but it is goodie box that you will get filled with things based on your surveys and badges that you’ve unlocked

*so what’s new you ask?!
Now you have the lifestage and expert badges.
-lifestyle badges focus on your life style habits (these badges are unlimited)
-expert badges show your influence and expertise in different areas (these badges are limited to 4)
What’s also new is that they have a point system based on your influence again such as Facebook,blogging, youtube etc the more you are apart of the community and you are interacting the higher your score and the better chance you will have with receiving the latest and greatest box box! (Your score can be from 0-100)
The last thing that’s cool and that I’m excited about is the brand challenges all you have to do is to complete a few tasks that you are required to do and ¡viola! You will be rewarded with awesome product from some of there great brands(depending on the challenge) and you will also become a brand ambassador!

So with all of this being said go on ahead and get started being the best influenster you can be!

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